I’m Chakshu and I am a proud participant of the first ever Fit For Photos program.

In my teen years I had struggled with weight gain and it took me a few good years to get myself on track with both diet and working out. However, over the past couple of years, I had gotten off track and was constantly struggling to get back to healthy eating and working out. I really wanted to get back to feeling and looking my best. When I read Scott’s post about the first ever Fit For Photos rollout, it struck me that that was my chance to do what was best for me. He was clear on what enrolling in it entailed – hard work, determination and discipline. Did I think I was going to be able to do that with a 3 hour commute to work plus school, NO. But what I did know was that I won’t be left by myself to do this.

I had endless support, encouragement and guidance from Scott as well as the other members of the group. Also, the daily check-ins and accountability along with weekly pictures helped me stay on track with the program. I have never worked with a personal trainer nor enrolled into any weight loss programs as they all seem to last for the time being. I was not looking for a short term solution but a long term plan. And that is exactly what I got from this program. Going through this program has helped me learn about the importance of putting a proper diet and work out together. The success with doing this program has laid out the path for my continued success in the long run.

Thank you, Scott, for doing the tremendous job that you do.  🙂