I signed up for this program because I needed a change, I was in a routine that wasn’t give me the progress I was wanting and it was becoming frustrating, so I was open to the idea of being trained by someone to see if outside help would push me forward in my fitness journey.

Prior to this program I was lifting 5 days a week, 2 days of legs, 2 days of back, 1 day of chest with some ab work every other day, and doing an average of 4 days of HIIT. Unfortunately my body became accustomed to this and refused to progress.

Prior to Fit For Photos I was trudging along in my fitness journey, dealing with some personal family issues and not very happy with how my body looked at all.

After the program I am able to fit in the size small shorts I bought several years ago, my abs have tightened back up and I can actually see that I do have a hamstring muscles that are trying to show themselves. I’ve become even leaner in my back, arms, stomach and chest, and my legs are looking better.I found the program to be very challenging, which is exactly what I needed.

The first two weeks, Scott starts you out slowly before he really piles the workouts on, which was nice. I liked that the body weight circuits were designed cardio style, got the heart rate up and kept me busy where I didn’t become bored like I normally do with cardio of any kind.

The photo shoot scared me, I haven’t had pictures of myself professionally done since I was in college, and I was very concerned that I wouldn’t look nice enough for my photo shoot.  Thankfully I was wrong – I was a bundle of nerves up to the point I got to the studio, then a more confident me took over.

Prior to the program, I liked cheese.  Let’s be honest – I loved cheese!  Since I had to cut it out during the program, I’ve not really reintroduced it after the program. I also try to eat my fruits, which I love, earlier in the day and around my workouts where they will be better put to use by my body.

The program becomes more challenging as you progress, I found if I did the cardio in the morning, the weights at lunch, and any HIIT I might have to do in the evenings after dinner, I still had time to spend with my husband and son. The key was scheduling the time for my workouts in my day. I had to allow “me” time and not feel guilty about it, which as a woman is hard to do. In the long run it is necessary so we can be happier, healthier wives, moms, daughters, etc. for our family members and show them it is possible to be healthy no matter your age or situation.