Mission and Core Values


To educate and empower individuals to better their lives
Through improved health and fitness


INTEGRITY We will be ethical, honest, and transparent in everything we do. We will always have our clients’ best interests at heart.
EDUCATION We will strive to continuously teach our clients about nutrition and fitness. We will encourage our clients to try new things and our team members to improve themselves through new experiences.
EMPOWERMENT We will empower our clients and team members to make their own choices and decisions.
ACCOUNTABILITY We will ask that our clients make no excuses and we will lead by example.
RESPECT We will always treat each client with kindness and respect.
GRATITUDE We highly value each client and team member. We will regularly demonstrate our  appreciation to our clients and team members in a variety of ways.
HAPPINESS We will spread happiness and positivity to our clients and team members. Each interaction will advance our objective to create a culture of happiness and gratitude.

COMMUNITY Each client and team member is a valued part of the Fit for Photos family. We will provide ongoing support to each individual, during times of triumph or struggle.
SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY We will support one or more charitable causes related to nutrition and health.

-Scott Colby